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Living with a Pediatric Respiratory Condition

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children runningPediatric respiratory (pulmonary) conditions are common and vary in type and severity. Some conditions are mild and last for a short period while others are more serious and can last a lifetime. Croup, asthma, bronchitis and cystic fibrosis (CF) are examples of respiratory conditions.

Treatment for many respiratory conditions has improved significantly in recent years. Regardless of what type of respiratory condition your child has, there are steps that can be taken to manage it. After some testing, your child’s doctor may recommend medication, home therapy or therapy at a doctor’s office or hospital, where their breathing and oxygen levels can be closely monitored.

Make sure your child eats a healthy diet and gets adequate sleep. Speak with your doctor about what type of activity your child can participate in and make sure all medications are taken exactly as prescribed. Monitor your child closely and speak with your doctor if their symptoms change or worsen. Be aware of serious symptoms, such as a very high fever or extremely labored breathing. If serious symptoms occur, take your child to the hospital.

Severe Asthma

At National Jewish Health for Kids, you’ll find:

  • A wide variety of pediatric pulmonology programs to meet your child’s needs
  • The latest in clinical trials
  • A focused and integrated approach
  • State-of-the-art testing
  • A therapy plan designed especially for your child.

Our goal for you and your child is to determine your child’s diagnosis and develop a plan of care that will allow your child to be as symptom-free as possible.

Learn about the Pediatric Severe Asthma Clinic.