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If you have allergies or asthma, spring can be a challenging time of the year. This season is known for big temperature and humidity changes and has high pollen counts — all of which can contribute to allergies and asthma. Here are a few tips to help ease your symptoms so that you can better enjoy the spring season.

  • Avoid being out on windy days. If you must be out, cover your mouth with a scarf or an allergen mask.

  • When cleaning, use caution with household cleaning products. Make sure the area to be cleaned is well ventilated. Never mix cleansers such as bleach, disinfectants and deodorizers with ammonia products, either in the bucket or on the surface to be cleaned.

  • It is best if non-allergic family members or others do the cleaning. Try to be out of the house during all cleaning, especially during carpet cleaning.

  • Avoid being outside when fertilizers and pesticides are applied to the lawns, trees or shrubs in your neighborhood. If you garden, arrange for someone else to remove the leaves and branches that may have collected in your yard or hedges. This type of garbage usually has mold and other particles that can trigger your asthma.

Your health care provider may recommend additional medications, therapies or other environmental controls.


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