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A Short Meditation (5-10 minutes)

  • MeditationFirst, scan your body. See what your muscles feel like. Attempt to relax and loosen up. Allow yourself to feel body sensations. Stay with this body scanning for a couple of minutes. Allow the muscles to feel as heavy and warm as possible. Focus on warmth in your arms and hands.

  • Focus now on your thoughts. What are you thinking of? What kinds of thoughts have you had today, and which ones come to mind now? Are these upsetting thoughts or comforting ones? Dwell on the comforting or pleasant thoughts.

  • Focus now on your emotions or feelings. What do you feel? Content? Angry? Annoyed? Sad? Excited? Peaceful? Allow yourself to feel.

  • Take 3 deep breaths (easy and slow) and return to your activities.


Meditation Phrases

On the Inhaling Breath

On the Exhaling Breath

I close my eyes

I bring my awareness inside

I deepen my breathing

I quiet my thoughts

I allow my body to be still

I relax my muscles

I focus into my center

I release my tensions (frustration, anxiety, fear, expectations)



This information has been approved by Shelby Jenkins, OTR and Chelsea Randall, MS, OTR/L (May 2012).