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Healthy Homes: Eliminate Cockroaches

Step 1: Learn about cockroaches

  • Cockroaches can survive (and thrive) under the right conditions even in the low humidity environments of Colorado.

  • Children can be allergic to substances found in the roaches’ feces, saliva and eggs.

  • Cockroaches can make asthma symptoms worse for allergic children.

  • Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, moist areas, such as under kitchen sinks and appliances, under bathroom sinks and around furnaces.

  • Common food sources for cockroaches include unwashed dishes, pet dishes, uncovered pet food containers, litter boxes, waste containers, splattered grease on stoves and crumbs under refrigerators.

  • Cockroaches can go for months without food, but only about 24 hours without water.


Step 2: Take action

  1. Clean up cockroach debris using a vacuum cleaner followed by wet wiping with a solution of soap and hot water.

  2. Identify and repair leaky faucets and pipes.

  3. Store all food in sealed containers.

  4. Keep garbage in closed containers.

  5. Clean dishes up immediately after use or place them in soapy water.

  6. Clean up food crumbs or spills in all areas of the house.

  7. Store pet food in closed containers.

  8. Clean grease splatters from stove, vent hood and surrounding walls.

  9. Remove roach hiding places such as empty boxes, cans, bottles, bags and newspapers.

  10. Seal cracks in the walls—especially on outside walls and those shared with other dwellings. Clean grease splatters from stove, vent hood and surrounding walls.