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Security Tips

General Safety

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Keep your cell phone in your purse or pocket. Use your cell phone only when you are safely inside your parked car with the doors locked. Don't use your cell phone when walking to and from a parking lot, as it can make you a target for crime because your attention is focused elsewhere.



  •  Shop ‘til you drop during daytime hours if possible. If not, park in a well-lit area as close to the store as you can. Store any packages in the trunk or out of view.

  • When you’re in the store, keep your purse in front of you or wallet in your front pocket.

  • Don’t take large amounts of cash or many credit cards with you. Avoid displaying cash and credit cards at the cashier counter.

  • Never let your children out of your sight, even when at a familiar store.

  • Avoid having your hands full carrying many bags at once. The lack of mobility makes you a target. (Keep that purse in front of you, not dangling off one arm.)

  • If you meet anyone inside or outside who makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts and avoid them. Return to the store for awhile and/or report your concerns to security or law enforcement.



  • Burglars often prey on homes during the holiday season when they know people usually have many gifts there.

  • Keep gifts away from windows and doorways where they can be seen from the outside.

  • Use automatic timers to operate lights and radio if you plan to be away from home more than a few hours.

  • If you’re leaving town for the holidays, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house. They can make it appear occupied by keeping the walks shoveled, picking up mail/newspapers and by occasionally parking their car in your driveway.

  • If your car or home has a security system- USE IT. Many burglaries and car break-ins occur where the victims had systems, which may have deterred the criminals, but the systems weren’t turned on.

  • There are many scam artists who attempt to get donations to their favorite cause, themselves, during the holidays. They use our increased compassion during this time of year to help accomplish the scam. The elderly are often victimized by these scams. Donate only to causes and organizations you know and can trust.



  • Remember, thieves are opportunists. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Take any valuable personal items home with you (radios, computers, personal equipment or tools).

  • Lock your office when you leave on vacation, long weekends, etc. You should do this at the end of every workday as well as any time you are away from your office during the day.

  • Secure your purse, briefcase and other easy-to-remove items in your office or work area.

  • Do not leave gift packages visible in your car (use the trunk) or office.

  • Turn off any decorations, lights, etc., at the end of the workday.

  • Wear flat-soled shoes outdoors (no high heels).

  • Watch out for ice spots in walkways and parking lots.