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This information was reviewed and approved by Kristen E. Holm, PhD, MPH (3/1/2019).

Below are some common feelings and normal responses to the losses that come with having chronic lung disease.

The changes that occur with chronic lung disease often leave people with at least one of these feelings. It is important for you to understand these changes and to learn how to cope with the feelings that result.

  • Common FeelingsDepression, sadness, anger and grief are normal responses to the losses that often come with any chronic illness.

  • You may feel that your life is "out of control" or that you are only "half the person" you were before.

  • Changes in how you look can make you feel that you have lost your familiar body.

  • You may feel you are not able to function at home and work as you did before. Some of the fun activities you enjoyed may not be possible anymore.

  • You may notice family behaviors toward you have changed. Some family members may be overprotective or distant.

A counselor or therapist can help you evaluate the changes in your life, and can help you identify coping skills to help you to manage life changes. It is also important to recognize the parts of your life that have not been affected by chronic lung disease. For example, your values and priorities may not have changed—or may have changed for the better.