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This information was reviewed and approved by Pam Cowan, RN (7/1/2018).

What is a nocturnal oximetry test?

The nocturnal oximetry test is often referred to as overnight oxygen test or “noc ox”. This test evaluates your oxygen needs while you sleep. This test will help you doctor determine the best treatment for you.


How do you get ready for the test?

The nocturnal oximetry test will be done in your home while you sleep. Clear a small space beside your bed to place the monitor.


What is done during the nocturnal oximetry test?

  • Your doctor will write an order for the nocturnal oximetry test.

  • The order will be sent to a Durable Medical Equipment Company (DME). This company works with you to complete the test.

  • The DME Company will contact you to arrange your test.

    • The company may send or deliver a small monitor to use during the test. You may also pick up the monitor from the DME Company.

    • Call us if you haven’t been contacted by the DME Company within five days of your doctor placing the order.

  • The DME Company will also review how to complete the test. Place the monitor next to your bed. There is a finger probe attached to the monitor. You will place the probe on one of your fingers for the entire night. This will measure your oxygen level while you sleep.

  • The next morning the DME Company will pick up or have you mail the monitor back. They will download the information from your test and send the results to your doctor.

    • Call us once the test is completed so we can follow-up and review the results.

  • Your doctor will contact you with the results and follow-up recommendations.

  • If oxygen is recommended while you sleep an order for the oxygen will be written. You may request a specific DME Company at this time, otherwise a DME Company will be assigned according to your insurance companies requirements.  

Note: An in-office appointment, nocturnal oxygen test and an order for oxygen must all occur within 30 days. Any delay may require retesting and/or another in-office visit.

If you have questions and to let us know when the test is complete, please call National Jewish Health at 303.398.1355, option 4.