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Get Support for Exercise Challenges

Overcoming challenges to maintaining an exercise regimen sometimes means asking for help and encouragement.

Support can come in a variety of forms. Your family is often a support group. Your spouse, adult children, siblings or other relatives can support you on a daily basis.

Other support groups include friends, other people trying to lose weight, people with whom you share a hobby, church groups and clergy, neighbors, volunteer organizations and even a pet! Do not be embarrassed or afraid to ask people for help when you need it.


Ideas for weight loss support

  • Find others with similar goals – there is power in numbers

  • Develop a back-up plan – for example, if the weather is bad, have another workout lined up that you can do inside

  • Identify high-risk situations – if you are going to a social gathering, eat a small meal ahead of time so that you’re less likely to overindulge at the buffet table

  • Cope with high-risk situations or avoid them altogether – explain to your family and friends that you may not be able to eat out at certain restaurants if they don’t offer lower calorie, healthier options

This information has been approved by Amy V. Lukowski, PsyD (April 2014).