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How to Simplify Your Life & Improve Your Health

Do you want to have a healthier life? Make these 12 easy changes to improve your overall health.

12 Ways to Simplify and Improve Your Life

Friends giving eachother encouragement

Encourage more

Complaining less and encouraging others more improves your attitude and satisfaction.

Smile often

Smile often

Smiling has been proven to reduce pain and improve mood and thinking skills.

Family snacking on healthy food

Snack on fruits and vegetables

Replacing junk food snacks with fruits and vegetables improves energy and nutrition.

Woman cooking with salt

Reduce sodium

Seasoning food with garlic, herbs and other spices enhances flavors without sodium.

Team of people smiling

Move often

Walking just 20 minutes a day improves heart health, reduces stress and increases energy.

Quit Tobacco

Go smoke-free

Kicking nicotine addiction is one of the most important ways to improve your health.

Woman practicing mindfulness

Be mindful

Practicing deep breathing, mediation or yoga will help decrease stress and sadness, and increase focus and happiness.

Big bowl of oatmeal

Replace sugar

Substituting cinnamon, honey and other natural sweeteners for added sugars is a healthier option.

Drink water

Drink water

Drinking water instead of sugary drinks will meet your body’s hydration needs and improve overall health.

Grandmother listening to grand-daughter

Listen to understand

Listening intently and reflecting back to speakers will increase empathy, trust and rapport with others.

Exercising on an exercise bike

Be an active TV watcher

Doing sit-ups, push-ups or high-knees during commercials or watching TV from a treadmill allows you to watch and exercise simultaneously!

Whole grain foods

Eat more whole grains

Replacing highly refined foods such as white bread, crackers and cookies, that have little to no nutritional value, with whole foods helps meet nutritional needs and make you feel full.