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Back-to-School Sleep Schedules

During summer and holiday breaks from school, a child’s sleep schedule may change. It is important to plan ahead to help your child return to a consistent schedule before school begins. Take the following steps to prepare your child for back-to-school sleep:

  • Back-to-School Sleep SchedulesBegin adjusting bedtime a few weeks before school begins, gradually moving up bedtime and wake time by 15 minutes each night.

  • Develop a calm, relaxing bedtime routine each night, which includes turning off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime, eating a snack, reading and/or taking a bath.

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule every night, even on the weekends, with weekend bedtimes and wake times within an hour of the regular weekday schedule.

  • Ensure that your child's bedroom environment is cool, dark, comfortable, and technology free.

  • Create a central charging station in the kitchen or other non-sleeping room, where the entire family's devices (phones, tablets, video games) are plugged in at bedtime.

  • Make sleep a priority for the entire family! If you model healthy sleep behaviors, your child will also have healthy sleep behaviors, setting them up for success in school.


This information has been approved by Lisa Meltzer, PhD (July 2016)