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6 Tips for Food Allergy Safety at School

Use these simple preparations before the school year starts to help protect your child from an accidental exposure to food allergens in the classroom.

Family meeting with the school

Meet With School Staff Members.

Inform teachers, principals, nurses and cafeteria staff members about your child’s food allergies, and learn how the school manages food allergies.

teacher creating a plan with student

Create a written plan.

Work with your allergist to outline your child’s food allergies, and plan for preventing and treating accidental exposures. Include emergency and medical contact information.

Teacher posting picture of child

Post pictures.

Create a picture of your child that includes food allergy information and tape it to the classroom wall and your child’s desk to alert anyone coming into the room.

Child eating safe snacks at school

Send safe snacks to school.

When it’s a special treat day, pack allergen-free snacks for your child, in case someone brings in a treat for the class that your child can’t have, so your child may still participate.

children learning about food allergies

Educate during show-and-tell time.

If your child is comfortable, have him or her explain food allergies, his or her food allergens and where they hide, what happens during a reaction and how students can help.

food allergy bracelet

Wear a food allergy bracelet.

A food allergy alert bracelet easily identifies allergens and medical assistance needed during a food allergy reaction. Your doctor or the internet can provide purchasing information.

This information has been reviewed and approved by BJ Lanser, MD (July 2018).