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Pregnancy & Tobacco

Smoking can make it more difficult to get pregnant, cause complications during pregnancy and pose serious health risks for the baby after it is born.

  • Pregnancy and TobaccoCigarette smoking during pregnancy is associated with the following health problems:

    • pregnancy complications

    • preterm delivery

    • low birth weight infants

    • stillbirth

    • sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • Babies whose mothers smoke while pregnant have weaker lungs than other babies.

  • Nicotine may cause constrictions in blood vessels to the umbilical cord and uterus, which decreases the amount of oxygen available to the fetus.

  • Only about 30 percent of women who smoke stop smoking when they find out they are pregnant.



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This information has been approved by Amy Lukowski, PsyD (August 2015).