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Slip Tracker

If you have quit smoking for some time (a few weeks), a slip is a brief slip back to using tobacco. A relapse is return to regular tobacco use patterns.

It's OK if you slip. Many people slip and still go on to become life-long non-smokers! How you handle a slip is very important and can get you back on track quickly.

Create a Slip Tracker to give you clues about what you need to do differently. Remember, a slip is information. It tells you that your coping skills are not developed enough.

For example, if you slipped when you went to have cocktails with friends, this tells you the situation is risky for you. Alcohol combined with being around friends who smoke, this is a situation that will make you break. Think about what you were feeling... think about the thoughts you were having. Finally, come up with more coping skills. Are you going to Avoid the situation, Alter it in some way, or find more Alternatives, such as nicotine gum, lozenges, straws, mints, hard candies or toothpicks to keep your mouth busy?


Example Slip Tracker

Situation I slipped

What was I feeling?

What was I thinking about?
Did I forget to use Positive Self-Talk?

What new 3 A's coping skills am I going to use?

Having drinks with friends.

Friends were smoking.

Happy, having fun, felt tipsy

Thought I could have just one and then go back to quitting

I am going to avoid going out for drinks a while longer.

If I do go out, I will have nicotine gum or lozenges handy if I have cravings.

Stressed out

Cranky, upset

Thinking, "Everything is bad. I am miserable."

I am going to work on my Positive Self-Talk and think, "Even if things are not perfect, this will pass. Smoking is not going to solve my problems. It will only make me feel worse."

I am going to use more Alternatives: Twizzlers, carrot sticks, popsicles.


This information has been approved by Amy Lukowski, PsyD (August 2015).