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We value your time and understand that you have a choice when it comes to your child's health care and choosing a provider. At National Jewish Health we pledge to always honor and respect your child’s rights to the best of our ability and to provide the highest level of care possible.

To help better serve you, here’s some information to help prepare you for your child’s visit.

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  1. Please complete the initial evaluation form. We ask that you fill this out, email it to your Pediatric Program Coordinator, and hand carry it with you. It is important that you have this questionnaire completed by the time of your appointment.

  2. Complete “Request Medical Records Form” and send to your child’s physician or hospital where services have been provided, so your child’s medical records can be mailed to National Jewish Health. Please do not mail the completed form to us.

  3. Please note the medications which may need to be held prior to your child’s arrival at National Jewish Health. Please refer to the “Preparing For Your Tests” handout included in this packet for specific medications. Please contact the Pediatric Clinic nursing staff at 303.398.1692 with questions.

  4. Do not wear any of the following: perfumes, colognes, aftershave, scented lotions, or scented hair sprays. These can irritate and increase respiratory symptoms in some of our patients.

  5. Because your child may have specific food sensitivities, we request that you bring your own snack during the initial appointment.

  6. We understand that some families have no alternative but to bring siblings; however, we strongly recommend that families arrange for adult supervision. If no alternative arrangements can be made, parents must understand that there is no child care available and that all children must be supervised at all times.

Arrival Time

We ask that families arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment and report to the check-in desk on the first floor of the Center for Outpatient Health building.

If your child needs medical attention before his or her appointment, you may be seen in the Pediatric Triage area, where your child can receive immediate care. Please call 303.398.4461 if you are concerned. If your child is having significant breathing problems or other emergent conditions, call 911.

Should your arrival time be delayed, please call 303.398.1515, as it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

Free Materials

Download Test Facts to prepare for your child's test.

Download Med Facts and Understanding Booklets to learn more about your child's disease.