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Winter Tips

This winter, use these tips to help prevent injury, reduce exposure to colds and flu, and avoid making your allergies and asthma worse.

Woman shoveling snow in her driveway

Heart Attack Snow: 6 Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack

Heavy, wet snow is often called “heart attack snow,” because the great effort required to move it can increase your risk of having a heart attack. Read more.

Family with Dog

Tips for Animal Allergies in the Winter

The level of animal dander rises in the home during the winter because pets spend more time inside. Learn more.

child with eczema in the bath

10 Winter Tips for Eczema

Keep your skin hydrated and reduce the effects of winter on your skin with these tips. Read more.

Woman with the flu

Tips for Flu Season

Influenza is often contagious before a person has symptoms. Read more.

couple walking in the snow

Tips for Safe Winter Walking

Follow these simple hints to reduce the risk of falling and to help you safely maneuver on the snow and ice.
Read more.

Washing machine

10 Steps to Minimize Indoor Allergen Exposure

A home can actually contribute to sickness due to winter allergens. Learn more.

Handwashing to prevent a cold

Tips for Preventing a Cold

There are a number of ways to prevent the spread of colds. Learn more.


Tips for Preventing Exercise-Induced Asthma

Take time to warm up before enjoying your winter activities. Learn more.