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Poached Pears in Red Wine

The fall season brings an abundance of pears to produce aisles. The following recipe combines pears with red wine. Studies have shown that a natural chemical called resveratrol, which is found in the skins of red grapes and transfers to red wine, may slow down the inflammatory process involved in the lung disease COPD.



  • Poached Pears in Red Wine4 pears – peeled and halved lengthwise

  • 1 cup red wine

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • 1 pinch allspice



  1. In a shallow, Teflon-coated frying pan (not cast iron or aluminum), large enough for 4 pears and that has a cover, heat the wine, sugar and allspice. Stir constantly until sugar dissolves.

  2. With a teaspoon, scoop and discard the seeds from the peeled, halved pears.

  3. Add the pears to the warm wine in the pan. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

  4. Turn pears over and simmer 15 minutes more, until tender.

  5. Keeping the wine in the pan, remove only the pears and place on individual dessert plates. Continue to cook wine, uncovered, until a syrup consistency develops. Spoon wine syrup over pears.


Nutrition Information

  • Serves: 4

  • Calories: 189

  • Fat: 1 gm

  • Protein: 1 gm

  • Carbohydrate: 39 gm

  • Dietary Fiber: 4 gm

  • Sodium: 38 mg


This information has been approved by Clinical Nutrition Services (April 2011). For specific diet information tailored to your needs, we recommend you consult with one of our registered dietitians.