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Annual Report - infographic

Breaking New Ground

For 120 years, National Jewish Health has been advancing medical research and providing innovative patient care. Here are some highlights of 2019.


Unlocking Genetic Answers

The expertise and ability to uncover a rare gene mutation led to the right diagnosis and treatment, and hope for a normal future.


Advancing Asthma Research

Our researchers determined that medication effectiveness can differ by race and are looking at the root causes of asthma.


Identifying Infant Food Allergies

Young children who develop eczema have an increased risk of developing food allergies. Our researchers found discovered biomarkers that show who’s at risk.


Solving a Diabetes Mystery

The longstanding mystery about which specific molecule triggers Type 1 diabetes was resolved when our researchers identified the B:14-22 protein.


Reducing COPD Flare-Ups

Inflammation from viral and bacterial infections cause COPD flare-ups. Our researchers found that restoring the cells’ ability to produce the protein FABP5 reduced this inflammation.


Addressing the Vaping Epidemic

E-cigarette use among high schoolers has risen more than 10-fold since 2011. We launched My Life My QuitTM, just for teens who want to quit tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.