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Understanding Sarcoidosis

This information has been reviewed and approved by Lisa Maier, MD, MSPH, FCCP (July 2022).

Understanding Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis causes the immune system to overreact and produce clusters of inflammation, called granulomas, usually in the lungs.


Sarcoidosis has more than one cause, but the exact cause is still unknown.

More Common In

  • People of African or Northern European descent  
  • Women  
  • Ages 30 to 50

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Weight loss
  2. Night sweats
  3.  Low-grade fever
  4. Fatigue
  5. Shortness of breath, cough
  6. Enlarged or painful chest lymph nodes 
  7. Lightheadedness and heart issues
  8. Red, painful, dry eyes; vision issues
  9. Raised, pink or purple; painful nodules under the skin
  10. Enlarged spleen or liver

Some of people with sarcoidosis have no symptoms.


  • Medical exam
  • Chest X-ray or CT scan
  • Biopsy showing granulomas


  • Medications
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

More Information on Sarcoidosis


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