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Cigarette Chemicals

Cigarette chemicals - infographic

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Summary: Chemicals in Cigarettes and Tobacco: What's Burning?

Over 4,000 chemical compounds are created when you light up.  Learn about the dangers of smoking:


  • 443,000 people die from smoking or secondhand smoke each year
  • Over 539 additives are used in the manufacturing of cigarettes


Additives in Cigarettes

  • Carbon Monoxide- released in car exhaust fumes
  • Lead- in batteries
  • Acetone- in nail polish remover
  • Arsenic- in rat poison
  • Acetic Acid- ingredient in hair dye
  • Ammonia- common household cleaner
  • Formaldehyde- also known as embalming fluid
  • Cadmium- in battery acid
  • Butane- in lighter fluid
  • Tar- material for paving roads


We Can Help You Quit Smoking

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More Information on Quitting Cigarette Smoking

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