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Hidden Allergens at Home

home allergens infographic

This information has been reviewed and approved by Eileen Wang, MD, MPH (August 2021).

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Summary: 10 Ways to Curb Hidden Allergies at Home

  1. Avoid smoke particles by not smoking inside or using wood-burning fireplaces

  2. Keep pets out of the bedroom to limit dander in your sleeping area

  3. Take off your shoes to avoid tracking in allergens from outside

  4. Avoid scenting your home with room sprays, scented candles and oils

  5. When buying furniture, avoid cloth material and look for easy-to-clean surfaces

  6. Wash bed linens and curtains to reduce allergens in the air

  7. Humidity levels matter; too much moisture increases mold and dust mites

  8. Use HEPA filters in your vacuum and furnace

  9. Replace carpet with tile, wood and linoleum, which are easier to keep clean

  10. Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom to lessen cooking fumes and moisture


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