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Surviving Spring Allergies

Surviving spring allergies

This information has been reviewed and approved by Eileen Wang, MD, MPH (May 2023).

Summary: Surviving Spring Allergies

Use these tips to manage spring allergy symptoms.


Cool Wisely

  • Use an air conditioner
  • Do not use window or attic fans
  • Avoid humidifiers and swamp coolers (possible molds)


Clean Up

  • Use a saline nasal wash
  • Change clothes and wash or shower away any pollen


Block Wind

  • Use a scarf or mask on windy days


Know Triggers

  • Weeds - late summer
  • Trees - early spring
  • Grasses - late spring, early summer
  • Molds - mid summer in warmer states, year round in southern/western states


Garden Carefully

  • Avoid exposure to fertilizers and pesticides
  • Do not mow the lawn (have someone mow it for you)
  • Stay away from piles of leaves and branches (possible molds)


Count Pollens

  • Keep home doors and windows and car windows closed during pollen season (especially when pollen counts are high)
  • Stay inside during afternoons and evenings when pollen levels are highest


Take Medication

  • Consistently take doctor-recommended medicines and treatments


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