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Breathing Science infographic

Summary: Breathing Science is Life®

In our 2017 Annual Report: Breathing Science is Life, we share stories of how our physicians and researchers focus on breathing – how the lungs function best, how they are compromised by disease and how we can help people breathe better. Here are highlights from that report.


Back to Barrel Racing

Our specialized testing found Nancy’s asthma, sleep apnea and vocal cord dysfunction, and now she’s breathing “100 percent better.”


Why Can't I Breathe?

In the world’s largest and most advanced pulmonary physiology unit, we can individualize testing to find answers that others can’t.


An Alarming Video

Michael watched on video as he fought to breathe during a sleep study. Now a nightly CPAP user, he is less tired and more alert.


Genetic Discoveries

We sequenced hundreds of Bentley’s genes and found a mutation that led to a treatment for his eczema and food allergies.


Out of the ER and onto the Stage

Kendrick is pursuing dance and theatre studies after we helped him learn to manage his asthma and control his breathing.


Asthma is 2-3 Times Higher in the Navajo Nation

Our Asthma Toolkit Program will teach caregivers how to diagnose and manage asthma.


Empowering Citizens to Fight Air Pollution

Our researchers are engaging residents in industrial communities to collect and interpret air quality data.


Designing Rooms for CF Patients

Rooms designed for the special needs of cystic fibrosis patients help them endure frequent two-week “tune-up” hospitalizations.


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