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Summary: On the Go with Oxygen

If your oxygen level is 88 percent or below, oxygen therapy is often recommended to ensure your blood has enough for your body’s needs.

How Oxygen Level is Measured

  • Pulse oximetry

  • Arterial blood gas

Your oxygen level can be measured through a device on your finger or a blood test.


Oxygen prescription includes:

  • How much oxygen to use measured in liters

  • When to use the oxygen (rest, activity, sleep, altitude)

  • Which oxygen system is recommended

Your doctor prescribes the oxygen. The Durable Medical Equipment Company provides the oxygen.


Types of Oxygen Systems

  • Oxygen concentrators

  • Portable oxygen concentrators

  • Compressed oxygen gas

  • Liquid oxygen


On Demand or Pulse Flow vs. Continuous Flow:

  • On demand or pulse flow provides oxygen when you breath in by triggering oxygen release (not recommended for sleep or everyone)

  • Continuous flow provides a set liter flow of oxygen


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