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Ordering Oxygen infographic

This information was approved by Jeff Swigris, DO, and Ann Mullen, RN, (September 2017)

Summary: Ordering Oxygen

What is Required from Providers?

Complete the following events within 30 days. 

Face-to-Face Evaluation

Progress Note Indicating:

  • Diagnosis

  • Symptoms

  • Mobility within and outside the home

  • Benefit of oxygen for quality of life

  • Flow rates and delivery type (pulse vs continuous)

  • Other methods have been tried and failed

  • Patient informed of need for oxygen


Qualifying Testing

Must have 1 of the following:

  1. Resting sat on room air ≤ 88% (while awake)


  1. Oxygen titration walk test (must have all 3 below)

    • Resting sat/ABG normal

    • Saturation ≤ 88% with exertion (or PO2 ≤ 55)

    • Exertion saturation/ABG improve with addition of O2


Dispensing Order

Order Indicating the Following:
  • Diagnosis

  • Duration

  • Flow Rates

  • Stationary Flow System

  • Standard Concentrator

  • Portable Flow System

    • Compressed Gas

    • Liquid Oxygen

    • Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • Length of Need

  • Indication if oxygen will be used with PAP


Certificate of Medical Necessity


Additional Resources on Oxygen

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