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Living with Exercise Intolerance

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exercise intoleranceIf you are having trouble breathing while exercising beyond what is considered normal, you may have exercise intolerance. Subtle breathing problems are a very common cause of exercise intolerance  and the condition can be effectively treated.

The most important step toward treating your exercise intolerance is having a thorough exam done. Observation of symptoms in an exercise lab can be very helpful. Treatment of exercise intolerance depends on the cause. For example, exercise intolerance caused by asthma will be treated differently from exercise intolerance caused by muscular abnormalities. Specialists from different disciplines may become involved in your care if causes unrelated to breathing are detected. Education surrounding different techniques for breathing and exercising, and possibly medication, will comprise your treatment plan.

As you get older, your needs will change. Continue to follow up with your doctor regularly so treatment can be adjusted. With time and some effort, you will be able to exercise without respiratory distress.

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